Bailey Compost
since 1995

12711 Springhetti Road
Snohomish, WA  98296

Compost...Mother Nature's Finest Natural Fertilizer

Increase soil fertility and add natural organic matter to improve
your garden topsoil with Bailey Compost.
Visit our Bailey Vegetables U-Pick garden!  
The Bailey family has been
farming in the Snohomish
River Valley since 1913.   Our
fifth generation family dairy
and crop farm has grown a
variety of vegetable and seed
crops over the years for local

Bailey Compost began when
we started composting our
dairy manure in 1995. We
started using our compost on
our own crops to cut down
our use of commercial
fertilizers.  We began selling
Bailey Compost to the public
in 1995.   We now have a
strong following of loyal
customers.  Many of them
attribute their gorgeous flower
and vegetable gardens to our

Our well aged quality compost
is made from shredded yard
waste, which is fully aged,
aerated, composted, and
screened.   It makes an
excellent soil amendment or
topsoil dressing for flower and
vegetable gardens by adding
organic matter and nutrients
to the soil.
The next generation

Bailey Compost is available for purchase for $27 per cubic yard
picked up at the farm.

A full size pickup holds 2 yards, level full.  One cubic yard of
compost covers 162 square feet, spread 2" deep.

Local delivery available with a 6 yard minimum.  


Local deliveries can be scheduled by calling 360-568-8826 or

We accept all major credit cards.
We accept clean green yard
waste for recycling for a fee
of $18 per cubic yard.

Acceptable material includes
leaves, small branches, grass
clippings, plant material, and

No sod, dirt, stumps or
branches over 6" diameter
will be accepted.

No rocks, plastic, or other
foreign material.
Yard Waste Recycling
Hours of Operation:

Spring & Summer hours:           Monday - Saturday 8 to 5

Fall and Winter Hours:                 Monday - Friday 8 to 4:30

Compost can be used as a topsoil dressing or mulch for
established perennial and flower beds.

Apply 1 to 2" on existing flower beds.

For new flower beds, lawns, and vegetable gardens, rototill
2- 3" of compost into existing soil before planting.


Bailey Compost contains a full spectrum of essential plant
nutrients as well as macro and micronutrients often absent
in synthetic fertilizers.  These natural nutrients are released
slowly.  Compost helps sandy soil retain water and
nutrients.  Compost loosens tightly bound particles in clay  
soil so roots can spread, water can drain, and air can

Bailey Compost greatly increases soil fertility resulting in
noticeable plant growth and robust health.  Compost also
feeds diverse life in the soil.  These beneficial bacteria,
fungi, insects, and worms also support healthy plant

Besides making your soil naturally healthier, adding
organic material to the soil increases the soil's water
holding capacity and makes any soil easier to work with.  
Even weeding is easier in a well composted garden!
Bailey Compost is a member of the
Washington Organic Recycling Council
and the U.S. Composting Council STA
program (Seal of Testing Assurance)
Please don't hesitate to call 360-568-8826 for more information or email
Bailey Compost
12711 Springhetti Road
Snohomish, WA  98296
Customer Testimonial:

"After we top dressed this bed with Bailey
Compost, we direct seeded kale.  Now our
kale is so big it's scary.  Not only did Bailey
Compost radically improve our kale output, but
also our flower beds.  One particular example
is a hardy fuchsia shrub we purchased at a
season's end sale.   The fuchsia never got off
to a good start and limped along for two years
with only pale, stunted leaves and little actual
growth, until we transplanted it to a bed that
was amended with Bailey Compost.  The
improvement in strong, lush growth, leaf size
and number of blossoms is astonishing.  This
stuff is magic."
Elizabeth visiting the source of our "secret ingredient"
We recycle grass, leaves, and branches into compost
The delivery truck returning home
Fall and Winter Hours beginning October 28, 2017

Open Monday - Friday
8:00 -